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Seminar: Vincent Kambou and Vincent Nossek

Published on April 13, 2023 Updated on April 13, 2023
Le 27 April 2023 De 11:00 à 12:00

Pôle Tertiaire - Site La Rotonde - 26 avenue Léon Blum - 63000 Clermont-Ferrand
Room 212

PhD seminar. Vincent Kambou will discuss his research on public finances, and Vincent Nossek will introduce his project on energy access and poverty reduction.

Natural disasters and external public debt, the role of debt relief

Vincent Kambou

11.00 a.m.: Vincent Kambou will explain his latest research project on the impact of unavoidable casualties on the financial situation of developing countries. He analyzes debt relief and the solvency of these countries in this study. 

Vincent Kambou is a doctorate student working on the repercussions of natural disasters and climate change on financial systems. Samuel Guerineau is supervising his PhD.

Reaching SDG 7: Shedding a light on the causal effect of mini-grids on rural electrification

Vincent Nossek

11.30 a.m.: Reaching SDG 7: Shedding a light on the causal effect of mini-grids on rural electrification 

Vincent Nossek concentrates his research on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which intends to give all access to affordable and clean energy. He is working on the causal effect between mini-grids rapid deployment and rural electrification in developing countries. 

Vincent Nossek is preparing his PhD under the supervision of Vianney Dequiedt on the economic and social impacts of access to energy in developing countries. To achieve this, he uses a comprehensive satellite dataset to assess energy infrastructure expansion and its effects on development.