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Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices for strong sustainability

Published on May 28, 2019 Updated on November 25, 2019

from December 4, 2019 to December 6, 2019

MSH - 4 rue Ledru à Clermont-Ferrand

Call for papers

The Jean Monnet Excellence Center on Sustainability (ERASME) organizes a symposium on strong sustainability with CERDI from December 4-6, 2019 in Clermont-Ferrand.

Interested researchers can submit an abstract on strong sustainability and 7 themes:
  1. How do the different sciences approach the question of sustainability?
  2. What are the dimensions and themes that embody or not the discourse on sustainability?
  3. What are the paradigms that embody today the very idea of strong sustainability?
  4. What are the models, methods and scientific tools that leave in off space for strong sustainability?
  5. Which scenarios by 2025, 2050 or 2100 most embody the idea of strong sustainability?
  6. How to finance this sustainability?
  7. How to assess sustainability?
Three prizes will be awarded at the end of the Symposium:
  • The Jean Monnet Prize for Sustainability for an expert researcher;
  • The Donella Meadows Prize for Sustainability for a young female researcher;
  • The ERASME Poster Prize for the audience and participants’ favourite poster.
Deadline for submission: July 15, 2019

Download the call for papers

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