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  • Seminar,

Cheick Amadou Camara and Kalo Achille Sanou

Published on May 4, 2022 Updated on September 19, 2022
Le 06 May 2022 De 12:00 à 13:00
Room 212

PhD Seminar.

Revenues versus expenditures, how can fiscal decentralization improve infrastructure public spending efficiency?

12 pm : Cheick Amadou Camara will present his latest paper on fiscal decentralization.
He is preparing a PhD thesis on decentralization in developing countries under the supervision of Bertrand Laporte and Emilie Caldeira (Cerdi-UCA-CNRS).

What average effective tax rate is required to maximize government revenue? A case of gold-producing countries

12.30 pm : Kalo Achille Sanou will present his latest research on the taxation of gold mining.
Kalo Achille Sanou is writing a PhD thesis on mining taxation in Africa under the supervision of  Bertrand Laporte and Vianney Dequiedt (Cerdi-UCA-CNRS).