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CERDI welcomes visiting scholar Gökçe Manavgat (Toros University)

Published on September 14, 2022 Updated on December 1, 2022

on the September 12, 2022

Gökçe Manavgat, Toros University, is currently conducting a study on OECD health systems.

CERDI welcomes visiting scholar Gökçe Manavgat (Toros University)

Gökçe Manavgat, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Social Science of the Toros University (Turkey), is currently visiting the CERDI as French Embassy Scholar for a research stay to work on a paper with Martine Audibert (CERDI, CNRS, FERDI). It is her second visit to CERDI. Her first visit dates back to 2016 when she was a Ph.D. student. At that time, she worked with Martine Audibert for five months on the financial burden of health expenditures among households in Turkey. She completed her doctoral thesis on this topic.

This new research project aims to analyze the efficiency of healthcare systems across OECD countries. Gökçe investigates their performance through a comparative study of their health resources. Indeed, she is assessing their resilience to the Covid-19 outbreak. She also evaluates the circumstance of healthcare efficiency of Turkey and France against other OECD countries to comprehend mutual lessons from the pandemic. She also determines the impact of socio-economic factors that drive system efficiency.

Besides, Gökçe Manavgat intends to work with Arnaud Diemer on new projects on sustainability and circular economy.

She has papers and book chapters in the field of health economics. These mainly focus on health financing models, catastrophic impact of out-of-pocket health expenditures, spatial analysis of health level determinants, and the decentralization and efficiency of healthcare services.