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Carl Dalhammar (Lund University)

Published on March 17, 2022 Updated on March 17, 2022
Le 25 March 2022 De 12:30 à 13:30
Informations complémentaires :13:30 EET

Online (Zoom)

Webinar on Circular Economy. Governance for Circular Business models and Circular Products

Governance for Circular Business models and Circular Products

This event is part of IN4ACT Webinar Series for researchers, organized by ERA Chair project Industry 4.0 impact on management practices and economics (IN4ACT).
Presenter: Dr. Manuel E. Morales, IN4ACT Researcher.

In this Webinar, Carl will discuss why we need governmental policies in order to move towards a Circular Economy. He will focus on European policies for circular products and circular business models. He will also provide a critical perspective on the Circular Economy, and the implications for governance. He will also discuss the different roles of citizens in this transition: as purchasers, maintainers, sharers etc.


For more information on this webinar series, please contact Arnaud Diemer.