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A database of the economic impacts of historical volcanic eruptions (EIVE)

Published on March 15, 2021 Updated on April 15, 2022
A. Lerner - USGS
A. Lerner - USGS

on the March 15, 2021

A database developed in partnership with the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans (LMV)

CERDI and LMV are launching a new database on the economic consequences of 55 historical eruptions (1950-2018) of 42 volcanoes located in 18 developed and developing countries. The data cover the physical characteristics of these eruptions and the various damages and losses (covered by 37 qualitative and quantitative variables). These data have been collected from many sources (governmental or non-governmental, academic, observatories, press, etc.).

The application also allows the participation of external contributors from the community to bring new information on the eruptions initially covered by the database or new ones.

The EIVE database is referenced in two international platforms on disaster risk:

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